Samsung Galaxy S11 camera will be able to recognize gestures

Samsung Galaxy S11 camera will be able to recognize gestures

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro and Mi Note 10 will be the first owners of a highly sensitive 108-megapixel sensor from Samsung, whose industrial name is ISOCELL Brigh HMX. Now the development of the next generation ISOCELL is underway, to which there is an increased interest from other manufacturers of mobile equipment.

Samsung has registered its own brand – ISOCELL Motion, which was a continuation of the development of its predecessor. The European Bureau of Intellectual Property Registration officially registered this product in technology class number 9. This classification contains sensors for dynamic vision and registration of detection of movement of an object, as well as a sensor for illustrating images on smartphones and tablets.

As a comparison of a technological breakthrough, you can imagine the functionality of Google Pixel 4. This model can accurately recognize gestures that can be used to control running applications. It is assumed that ISOCELL Motion will also cope with this function, only many times better. Other product information indicates that the sensor will prevent excessive blur during photo-video shooting. Experienced to test the possibilities will appear in the Galaxy S11, which will be released in February 2020.

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