How iPhone 11 Saves Apple

How iPhone 11 Saves Apple

We have heard many times that China is very fond of Apple technology. Especially her smartphones. The company even sometimes responds with a certain reciprocity to this. You don’t need to go far for examples, just remember the iPhone with two physical SIM-cards, officially supplied only to the Celestial market. This love has obvious reasons, only recently, against the backdrop of the trade war, there has been a certain decline in Chinese interest in Apple technology. There is, however, one exception.

China loves Apple, but not now
According to data compiled by Canalys analyst firm, iPhone shipments to China fell immediately by 28 percent in the third quarter. This is really a lot. The reason for this was the rallying of the nation against Apple. The Chinese are such a people that they are ready to give up many benefits for the sake of a common national idea. Ants and only. In a good way, of course.

Their rallying is even more respected against the background of my personal experience regarding their attitude to the iPhone, and not just their news and reports. When I went to China for the editorial office to open the ELEPHONE factory, I saw how all representatives of the brand use their iPhones of different generations without a twinge of conscience, and only at an official event they started using smartphones of their brand. It was very revealing. Now a growing consumer boycott has led Apple to become nervous about this. Of course, who wants to lose sales of the most profitable gadget in the largest market?

“We believe that the economic situation in China has been further affected by growing trade tension with the United States. As uncertainty grew in the financial markets, the consequences seemed to reach consumers as well, while supplies to our retail stores and our partners in China declined throughout the quarter, ”said Tim Cook, Apple President.

China iPhone Sales Forecast
Back in late spring, some analysts predicted a 50 percent drop in sales right away. As it turned out, these forecasts were too pessimistic, but iPhone 11 in all its forms contributed to the correction of the situation. Although a larger contribution, due to the relatively low price, was made by the basic model. iPhone 11 is very popular in China. And not only there.

The novelty was too tasty for the Chinese to pass by. Many succumbed to the temptation and bought a smartphone with an apple, a little “spoiling” the statistics of the third quarter. Speaking in numbers, in September 2019, the iPhone 11 accounted for almost 40 percent of Apple’s shipments to the Chinese smartphone market. This is not surprising, since this year the novelty really turned out to be interesting. Especially their camera, which the Chinese love so much.

Despite the fall, Apple’s relative position in the overall ranking was almost unstable. But, an interesting feature can be noted. If you look at the summary table of indicators, one cannot help but notice that all brands had different degrees of decline. Only Huawei not only grew relative to the third quarter of last year, but grew more than one and a half times – immediately by 66 percent. This was not even affected by the usual decline in smartphone sales in general, which amounted to 3 percent.

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