HBO Max will begin work in May 2020 and will become the most expensive video service

HBO Max will begin work in May 2020 and will become the most expensive video service

HBO plans to launch the Max platform, the cost of which will be $ 15 per month, which is more expensive than the cost of a subscription to Netflix, Disney, Apple

AT&T announced the launch of the HBO Max streaming platform, scheduled for May, with a subscription price of $ 15 per month. This will make it the most expensive of all streaming platforms, which include, in particular, Netflix, Apple and Disney.

The cost of subscribing to the HBO Max platform, in fact, will be equal to the cost of subscribing to the HBO Now service, the existing streaming service of the television company, aimed at those who cannot receive its content through cable networks, where it has been offered since 1972. According to information received from AT&T, the company will provide individual subscribers of the HBO cable channel or HBO Now service with free access to the content of the HBO Max platform.

Netflix currently offers access to its streaming platform for $ 10.99 per month, the monthly subscription for Apple TV services is $ 4.99, and Disney + platform services are available to users for $ 7 per month.

HBO Max platform users will be offered films and original programs from the HBO and WarnerMedia libraries, including the popular mega-hit “Friends” from NBC in the past. Other popular programs, such as “South Park” from Comedy Central and “The Big Bang Theory” from CBS, will also be available on the platform.

Also, in the first year of the platform’s work, 50 original series will be launched, however, unlike Netflix and a number of other streaming services, the platform does not plan to upload all the series of the season at once.

AT&T announces plans to invest about $ 2 billion next year in HBO Max, and then, starting in 2021, annually invest about $ 1 billion. For comparison, recall that this year Netflix will invest $ 15 billion in the development of its platform.

Last week, Netflix announced the launch of 59 new projects next month, including 43 original programs. In this way, the company hopes to maintain a competitive advantage over Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus in the video streaming market.

Streaming services from Apple and Disney are due to begin on November 1 and 12, respectively.

Such steps of the largest media companies emphasize the enormous influence that the so-called “cable abandonment” has on the traditional cable television market, in which the young audience is increasingly shifting their choice to cheaper streaming offers.

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